Gay Pride - Portland Mercury Cover

Taking a humorist and contrarian view, the Portland Mercury Pride Week issue features a satirical and tounge-in-cheek representation of what an intolerant outsider’s perspective could be of the gay community. The cover features a gay person riding upon a deer. Not a man, not a woman, not transgendered, just a person heralding in the beginning of Pride Week with all of the exuberance (and slight inebriation) that should accompany any raucous celebration. The deer is a classic symbol of Portland, and its gender is also obfuscated (the antlers are tied upon its head with a string).

Strewn around the hero are various objects that may be found during the week including stereotypes and common misconceptions, such as scissors (gays are hair stylists), booze (gays are alcoholics), cigarettes (all gays smoke), and ass-less chaps (all gays wear these?). The bright, vibrant color scheme features pinks and magentas to represent the gay community and is used to catch the eye of Portlanders. The illustration style is loose and playful to fit the brand of the Mercury.