Lottery Education System

The future of the lottery may be in our cellphones. Using that as a jumping off point and imagining that in the near future Oregon too will have mobile gambling, the Lottery Education System warns and educates potential users before they first open the gambling app. This informs users and gets them to think about the lottery in a more critical manner. The color palette for the app draws directly from the brightly lit and rich primary colors found in video lottery machines and scratchers. The illustrations and copy are playful to lighten the serious nature of the topic of gambling (and addiction). Because of the humor, users are inclined to read the screens and retain the information. Brightly colored vector illustrations accompany various text to aid in comprehension and add visual interest. The style is similar to that of early video games such as PacMan where the characters are brightly colored and flat. Each day that a user opens up the gambling app, the Lottery Education System appears and they must cycle through each of the 16 screens in order to continue to playing the actual lottery games. To advance through the screens, the user must hit the next button in the lower right hand corner. In order to make certain users are not just swiping quickly through each screen, a five to ten second delay would be imposed upon each screen before they could move to the next.