Return to ’85 Film Festival

Return to ’85 is a film retrospective which looks at films from 30 years ago, 1985. While popular media is focused on the newest films and the most recent releases, Return to ’85 takes a look back at the greatest films from 1985, from popular choices to ones that may have been overlooked.

Return to ’85’s logo has elements derived from the 1980s yet maintains a modern approach. Using custom ligatures and mimicking movement and progress with a two degree tilt and blurred background, the logo speaks to the themes of innovation, immersion and progress as we put down our phones and focus on these great films, and each other. The festival guide uses dot matrix typeface that reminds the reader of dot matrix printers and days at the office.Integral to unifying the brand is the use of VHS static textures. These textures are applied to all types of assets and brand collateral including the festival guide, promotional posters and billboards.