Top 15 Songs of 2013

In an age of iTunes, Spotify and Pandora, listening to music has lost its tangibility. Gone are the days of holding an album and enjoying its art and inserts. Whereas before one could read lyrics in a printed booklet and appreciate the artwork of records, now music listening is relegated to a simple point-and-click without the accompanying visuals. The Top 15 Songs of 2013 is a return to pairing music with imagery. Conceived as a personal favorite mix CD of the best songs of 2013, it serves as a way to introduce music to friends and family. The illustrations and artwork inside relate to the song names and/or the names of the bands as a way of tying in music to the imagery. The color scheme composed of cyan, magenta, yellow and black are layered upon one another to simulate screen printing techniques. The bright and playful colors also add a dimension of joy and exuberance to the songs and speak to the compiler’s enthusiasm to the selected tracks.